A New Way to Network

ACG Partner Connection is a brand-new opportunity to help paid sponsors and private equity groups convene.

ACG Partner Connection, an extension of ACG’s trusted ACG DealSource® meeting scheduling software, facilitates structured 20-minute meetings between partners, sponsors and private equity firms.

Private equity firms can leverage appointment setting software to get more out of the InterGrowth experience, adding investment bankers and service providers with potential deal flow to their calendars. Paid sponsors’ desirable placement within the InterGrowth Lounge offers the greatest opportunity to private equity firms, who are already taking meetings in that space.

With ACG Partner Connection, paid sponsors can make greater use of their tables furnished within InterGrowth Lounge. Adding a private equity firm to their appointment book could mean drawing additional foot traffic to the area. Without leaving the InterGrowth Lounge, paid sponsors and private equity firms can advance viable partnerships. ACG Partner Connection creates value for your investment.


Our team is happy to help.

Contact Kaitlyn Fishman at kfishman@acg.org or 312-957-4260.

ACG Partner Connection Qualifier for Sponsors

Paid sponsors must complete the below questionnaire to be included in the meeting scheduling software. Answers from the questionnaire will be included in the software and available for private equity groups to review prior to accepting and requesting meetings with sponsors.

  1. Does your firm have deal flow? If so, please provide details about industry verticals, office locations, representative transactions, classification of funds, other PE Firms you represent, etc.
  2. If your firm doesn’t have deal flow, please highlight value, industry verticals, office locations, etc.
  3. Please name one positive outcome that could result from meeting with a private equity firm?

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