Terms & Conditions

Image Consent

ACG plans to capture and share moments from InterGrowth. Photographs will be taken, video and audio will be recorded, and there will be live-streaming on numerous social media platforms. The footage captured during InterGrowth may reproduce in ACG educational, news or promotional material. Images may be used in print, electronic or other formats, including on the ACG website. By participating in InterGrowth, you grant ACG the right to use your name, image and biography for such purposes. All images become the property of ACG and may be displayed, distributed or used by ACG for any purpose.

Authorized Attendance

Admission to official ACG InterGrowth events will be by badge only. All participants must be registered to attend InterGrowth. Badges can only be picked up and used by the registered individual. Identification badges are not transferable and must be worn at all times. Any firm lending badges to or bringing unauthorized persons into the conference is subject to immediate removal from the conference, and the firm and such unauthorized persons may be barred from further participation in the conference and attendance at future conferences. 

Lost or stolen badges will not be replaced. A replacement badge can be purchased at full price for continued access to official InterGrowth events. Entrance into the conference will not be granted until a new registration is purchased, and an official InterGrowth Badge is reprinted. 

ACG HQ Terms and Conditions

Save the Date

May 8–10, 2023 | Las Vegas, NV