InterGrowth Lounge

The InterGrowth Lounge

While ACG Access provided laser-focus and efficiency, the InterGrowth Lounge was the place to network at your leisure and on your terms. A staple and the hub of the InterGrowth experience, The InterGrowth Lounge was your home base for open networking, one-on-one meetings, and informal learning. 

Introducing Industry Pavilions

By popular demand, industry focus served as the centerpiece for the networking experience at InterGrowth. Our dealmaking landscape is ever evolving, and many in our community are narrowing their focus and becoming stronger in specialized industries. Industry Pavilions served as casual, yet focused, networking hubs to help you narrow your focus and meet the appropriate dealmakers and service providers that support your industry. 

Featured Industries

Mingle with the ACG Media Team

Also new in 2022, ACG Media was on the scene with a home base in the InterGrowth Lounge. ACG editors and reporters interacted with our members and attendees in new and exciting ways to get the latest feedback and cover the show.

Exclusive ACG Media Properties Include

  • MMG magazine  
  • GrowthTV  
  • Next Target  
  • ACG Podcasts  
Engage with our Sponsors

As we all know, it takes a village to close and execute a deal. InterGrowth was a great way to meet expert advisors to help get your deal closed and integrated, and our trusted sponsors represent a strong caliber of these professionals. At the InterGrowth Lounge, you were able to connect with law firms, accountants, consultants, HR support, IT, data providers and more to ensure that your deal is primed for the utmost success. 

And Finally, The Basics
  • More than 1,400 seats were efficiently designed to maximize the space, and your time 
  • Coffee and other beverages were offered all day, along with meals and snacks to sustain your busy days 

Save the Date

May 8–10, 2023 | Las Vegas, NV