Reserved Remote Offices

Book Your Reserved Remote Office for InterGrowth

Located inside InterGrowth Lounge, a limited number of reserved meeting spaces are available for purchase for the entire event. You can also use the official InterGrowth 2017 conference app to schedule meetings at your remote office.

Each Reserved Remote Office offers:

  • Dedicated cocktail-size table for your firm (accessible Monday-Wednesday during all published InterGrowth Lounge hours).
  • Four (4) chairs.
  • Access to the InterGrowth conference app to schedule meetings at your table.
  • Company identification signs.

To purchase your remote office at InterGrowth 2017, be sure to select this option during Step 6 of your InterGrowth registration.

Dedicated electrical outlets will not be provided at the Reserved Remote Offices. Additional charges will apply to install dedicated power at a Reserved Remote Office.