Take the Worry Out of Finding Meeting Space. 

Located inside the InterGrowth Lounge, a limited number of reserved meeting tables are available for purchase for your use throughout the entire event.

Each Reserved Remote Office includes:

  • Dedicated cocktail-size table for your firm (available during Lounge hours).
  • Four (4) chairs.
  • Access to the InterGrowth conference app to schedule meetings at your table.
  • Company identification signs.

To purchase your remote office at InterGrowth 2018, be sure to select this option during Step 6 of your InterGrowth registration. If you have already registered, contact Maggie Endres at mendres@acg.org.

Book Your Reserved Remote Office for InterGrowth!


Dedicated electrical outlets will not be provided at the Reserved Remote Offices. Additional charges will apply to install dedicated power at a Reserved Remote Office.