Conference App

Connect with Other Attendees, Build Your Schedule and More

The InterGrowth Conference App Is Now Live!

Once you register, you’ll receive your login to the InterGrowth conference app, sponsored by DHG and powered by PitchBook. Your login gives you access to both the mobile and desktop versions of the app.


The InterGrowth Conference App Lets You:

  • Join the InterGrowth community.
  • View the attendee list and access in-depth personal profile information provided by PitchBook.
  • Manage your own personal and professional profile in the app.
  • Message and schedule meetings with any attendee from within the app.
  • Create your own printable, exportable schedule of InterGrowth events and one-on-one meetings.
  • Explore company, investor, fund and personal profile data with complimentary access to the PitchBook Platform for the duration of the conference.
  • Access all features with both the desktop version of the app and on your iPhone or Android Phone.

Only InterGrowth 2017 attendees will be able to access the app.


The app is available on any of the following platforms:

ios google-play


**PLEASE NOTE: If you are participating in more than one upcoming conference, and are having trouble logging in, please check your email for a more recent auto-generated password from

For all other questions regarding the InterGrowth 2017 conference app, please email ACG at**